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The first couple of times I made petit fours, they were a serious headache for me. But then a series of things came together for me a new recipe belowthis Craftsy classand lots of practice and one day I realized… I had made Perfect Petit Fours.

But the taste and texture… yep. Okay… so here we go.

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These Nordic Pans are my favorite… I have about a dozen of them! I line it with parchment paperthen spray down the edges with non-stick baking spray. Then I torte it. You get to add in a little extra special bit of flavor and it makes them pretty too!

I set my Agbay to a level that splits it as close to in the middle as possible. To remove the top half without breaking it, I slide a flexible cutting board into the cut, then simply lift it off.

For the filling — I highly recommend raspberry.

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You could also fill your petit fours with other flavors… lemon curd or strawberry or blueberry or really whatever suits your fancy! I like to spread a thin layer of frosting over the filling.

You could skip this step, but why would you?? After you have whatever fillings you want all spread out — go ahead and put your cake back together.

Just line up the ends and slide it off! Last step of putting them together — more frosting on top! You could make this as thin or thick as you like but the purpose is for it to be smooth so your poured frosting will also be smooth! At this point, I freeze the cake.

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I lift it with the parchment underneathput it back on the sheet pan I baked it on, put a lid on love these with lids!! When it comes out of the freezer, I cut it into squares… around 1. Do whatever makes you happy! And I cover them by ladling it quickly around the edges and then the middle.

After a lovely reader thanks Alison F.!! The excess runs off and onto the paper below… and can be re-used. Just let it firm up and you can peel it off and put it back into your bowl to re-melt! No waste… which I love!!

Simple Butter Cake for Petit Fours

Do you want a free pdf for the Petit Fours Recipe? Enter your email below and you can download it for free immediately! You can absolutely use a portion of the sheet and freeze the remaining.The color of wine is one of the most easily recognizable characteristics of wines.

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