Slumdog millionaire scene 4 how

Later, as rain pours down, the boys take shelter in an empty shipping container. They notice a girl of around their age has been following them—she stands alone outside the shelter. Salim tells her to get lost, but Jamal allows her to come in.

Slumdog millionaire scene 4 how

In what ways does the movie differ from the book? In the book, the first-person narrator and quiz show contestant is named Ram Mohammad Thomas. He was abandoned at birth in the clothing bin of a Catholic church in Delhi, and raised for eight years by a benevolent English priest named Father Timothy.

His surname comes from a family that adopted him for three days before giving him back to the church. Local religious leaders suggested his first and middle names, on the theory that his birth parents might be either Hindu or Muslim.

Father Timothy and the Catholic Church do not appear in the movie, nor does Delhi. When Father Timothy is murdered by another priest, Ram is sent to a juvenile home, where, as the only boy who speaks English, he becomes the leader of the residents.

After one year, a new resident Salim Ilyasi, age seven, arrives as an orphan when a Hindu mob murders his Muslim family.

They become best friends. Salim in the movie ultimately plays a sinister and tragic role; Salim in the book leads a charmed life and becomes a movie star. In the movie and in the book, both boys are taken to a residential music school near Mumbai, where all the children seem to be crippled.

They are taught songs of the blind poet Surdas and learn they will likely be blinded when they finish learning the songs, in order to work as blind, singing beggars.

The older boy leads an escape, Salim in the movie, Ram in the book. There is more on-screen violence in the movie than in the book. In the most graphically violent scene of the movie, a young beggar boy is drugged and blinded with acid while unconscious. There is no such scene in the book, although its possibility is suggested.

For three years, from ages eleven through thirteen, Ram works as a daytime houseboy for a retired movie actress in her forties named Neelima Kumari.

While working for the actress, Ram lives on the second floor of a Mumbai chawl, sharing a room with Salim. An older girl, Gudiya, whose face Ram never sees, lives next door in the chawl with her drunken father, Shantaram.

They can hear through the apartment walls. Shantaram physically and sexually abuses his daughter until Ram pushes him off the balcony to his death, he thinks. The abuser of both women is the same man. After a separation of five years, Ram bumps into Salim on a Mumbai street. Salim tells what happened during his absence.

He encountered Babu Pillai, alias Maman, who had taken them from Delhi to his music school for crippled beggars in Mumbai. They recognized each other, Maman gave chase, and Salim escaped again, onto a bus which was later stopped by a Hindu mob intent on killing all the Muslims on the bus.

Salim was saved by a man who brandished a handgun, without firing it, and who then hired Salim as his houseboy. The man with the gun turned out to be a contract killer. By opening his mail and tampering with one of his assignments, Salim managed to save the life of a movie producer and have Maman killed instead.

Salim shoots Maman when the two of them encounter him together.


Salim then shoots the pimp and is killed by his henchmen. As a bartender in Mumbai, Ram steals the revolver of a dead patron and becomes armed for the first time.

When Ram becomes a game show contestant, it is pure happenstance that most of the questions have answers in his life experiences. During the break, both Ram and the host, Prem Kumar, are in the bathroom alone together. Ram pulls out the gun he took from the dead bar patron and reveals that his motive for going on the quiz show was to get close enough to Prem to kill him for abusing the two women in his life: After winning the grand prize, again, Ram is arrested by police who try to torture him into signing a confession of cheating.

This scene is where the book begins. He is rescued from torture by a woman lawyer who calls herself Smita, and who listens to his explanations, given in the sequence of the relevant question number.

She then reveals herself to be Gudiya, from the chawl, whose father had suffered only a broken leg when Ram pushed him from the balcony, and who had stopped raping Gudiya after his fall.

Gudiya gets him his prize money, Ram marries Nita, Salim becomes a movie star, and the crippled children are liberated from their imprisonment. In the movie, Jamal never carries a gun and never shoots or threatens anybody. Salim does the shooting.The Bathtub Scene trope as used in popular culture.

One of the most simple forms of Fanservice is having an attractive female or male spend a small amount of . Is the blinding scene in Slumdog Millionaire based on real life? Update Cancel.

ad by It is not exactly based in real life but what the scene portrays is the incident that happens in real life in the Slums of India. Manny things from the movie has been reference to real life incidents that are happening or most likely to.

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Parent reviews for Slumdog Millionaire. Common Sense says. Epic romance-drama is brilliant but too mature for kids. age 16+ Based on our expert review. Parents say. age 14+ In the opening scene Jamal is brutally tortured by the police, not simply dragged in for questioning.

Children are abused and exploited. The Slumdog Millionaire Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. The scene evokes the sense of sympathy as well as great discomfort when Jamal jumps into the outhouse.

Slumdog millionaire scene 4 how

The production actually used. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (often informally called Millionaire) is an American television game show based on the same-titled British program and developed for the United States by Michael show features a quiz competition in which contestants attempt to win a top prize of $1,, by answering a series of multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty (although, for a time.

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