Projek sarjana muda

Minimum 4 years and Maximum 6 years Department: Computer based equipments has been used and implemented for various purposes.

Projek sarjana muda

Hence, this survey is conducted to investigate the student's creativity and innovation in implementing PSM. Respondents in this study were chosen randomly.

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Observation research design was applied by using questionnaires as instruments in collecting data. After the collection stage, the data were analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics by using SPSS version Methods that were applied in this study include score mean, analysis factor and multiple regressions.

Implementation and mastery of students in creativity and innovation was determined by using score mean whereas major factor which contribute to students creativity and innovation in PSM were analyzed using analysis factor and multiple regression.

Research's output shows implementation of student in creativity and innovation is high but in tenns of mastery of student in creativity and innovation, it was found to be at average level only.

There are four factors that contribute to student's creativity and innovation, which are individual factor, attitude factor, encouragement factor and personal factor. Individual factor was found to be the major factor that contributed to creativity and innovation.

Projek sarjana muda

Researcher proposed that students, lecturers and the university itself need to increase and intensify efforts in order to produce more creative and innovative students Topics:Laporan projek Sarjana Muda (PSM). 9. TANDATANGAN PENYELIA.

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PDF | On, Shahabudin Abdullah and others published Outsourcing in Maintenance Management Projek Sarjana Muda.

Projek sarjana muda

Universiti. Teknologi Malaysia.

ULearn: Bachelor Degree

Intan Nur Diyana bin Che Bakar (). IPT student's involvements play an important role in the creativity and innovation culture that can be absorbed through Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM). Hence, this survey is conducted to investigate the student's creativity and innovation in implementing PSM.

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