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Observation wkst peter observation 1

We regret to say that the assassin of Ficsideiit Lincoln, is still al lar. It is estimatedpiiple viewid the body as it laid in state in tl 1- hull. The remains wiTl rett. George Bancroft, tbe historian, is to do- lntr an oration on the life and services of the f eceiitfd. Secretary Stant'm in a.

Full text of "The New York genealogical and biographical record"

Slarv's have, during the whole war, lie. Hundreds of renegade citizens of Maryland ail-low returning irom the Itebel army and scatteriii. Mc oppoBrt thi- and inejtings are being held throughout the State to give expression to tbo sentiment of the people.

Fredeiick and Carroll counties, with others we believe, have n-solved that they shall not again come among tliem, and have appointi'd comm ttees to ea" fi rce their absence.

Observation wkst peter observation 1

They have no right in Maryland, having voluntarily expatriated and disiiaiichised tlumselves, and should not be allt. U he capture of Selma, Alabama, on the 2il insl. We have now full and interesting partculars of the important atfair.

O i the 'M inst. Besides these there fell into General Wilson's pos. The New York Tribune of Saturday says that it learns from a gentleman who arrived f'rtjm Charleston on Fiiday, that news was re- ceived just as the steamer was about leaving, of the complete success of an expedition recent- ly sent out by General Gillmore, under Briga- dier General E.

General Potlec s;arted from Sumtervillo for Manchester, and on the way destroyed all of the connecting railroad bridges on the line between Columbia and Florence. The expedition-destroyed 1, bales of cotton, seven locomotives and forty- three passenger cars, and brought back with it 2, liberated slaves.

From 5, to 6, more of the same class were waiting to come in. As our informant had but a moment to make notes of these particulars, it was impos- sible to get further details. The result of the expedition, however, was considered satisfac- toiy by General Gillmore, Ihe Montreal ll'itncsa says: They would undoubtedly meet hero plenty of influential friends.

There woulti be found htre Judges and juries to decide that thi-y had used only a belligerent right.


Indeed it will argue a strange inconsistency if those papers which have been foremost in screening the laidera, ai: Albans, find fault now with tbose con- cerned in the murder of the Commander-in- Chief of the Federal armies. A large amount of provisions aud forage has also been found, and the quantity of cotton captured will probably reach 30, bales, Jeff; Davis is reported as stating, after the surrender of Lee, and after his proclamation declaring that Virginia would be defended to the last, that if he was pushed he svould go to Texas, where he would rally an army around him and make another stand, and that ha would never leave the limits of the Confed- eracy.

Tho "limits" would be difficult to find just now. Ko doubt Davis is trying to reach Mexico with hi? The House of Assembly has rejected the confederation scheme- of the Quebec Confer- ence by the dettisive vote of twenty-three against five.

The Toronto iearfcr clo ,es an article upon confederation as follows: It is the general halt in all tbe maritime provinces that has become significant, and which postpones confederation for a period which must be called indefinite, since no one can see tho end of it.Observation 1 John.

UNIQUENESS OF THE BOOK. A. The book of 1 John is probably came from the confusion of the phrase "the elect lady," 2 John 1, and the phrase, "she who is in Babylon," 1 Peter .

As of , % of Pennsylvania's population younger than age 1 were minorities. Pennsylvania's Hispanic population grew by % between and , making it one of the largest increases in a state's Hispanic population.

Pittsburgh is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States, and is the county seat of Allegheny County. [1]. Observation: A Complex Research Method Lynda M.

Baker LIBRARY TRENDS, Vol. 55, No. 1, Summer (“Research Methods,” edited by Lynda M. Observation is a complex research method because it often requires the researcher to play a number of roles and to use a number of techniques.

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