My trip to the dominican republic

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My trip to the dominican republic

The majority of the visitors to the island republic in the Caribbean fail to leave the artificial comforts of their all-inclusive resorts. Therefore, they miss discovering the best part of this tropical pearl. The Dominican Republic offers Rich culture, represented in the peculiar art and the incredible local dances.

Mesmerising natural beauty, where endless white-sand beaches, refreshing waterfalls, lush mountains, and magnificent caves cohabitate in perfect harmony. Delectable local produce that epitomises tropical fruits, coffee, cacao, rum, sugar, cigars.

So here are my top Dominican Republic travel tips to help you see all facets of this splendid destination: The greatest way to experience any country, especially the vibrant Dominican Republic, is by taking a road trip.

My biggest travel tip for the Dominican Republic is to have your own wheels. The truth is you should not trust the news too much. Just think of all the great places you can explore that no tourist bus will take you to! Remember to always tank enough fuel as gas stations can be sparse away from the major roads and settlements.

Locals sell gas in reused beer bottles at the side of the road. The otherwise polite Dominicans are crazy drivers which causes the traffic to be very chaotic at times In addition to the above tip, beware of police officers stopping you for nothing and asking for a bribe.

My trip to the dominican republic

Be polite and decline with a smile. The rates are very reasonable. At the taxi stand near all-inclusive resorts, you can check the fixed prices. Moreover, if you hire the taxi for several tours, you can negotiate a discount. Attractions And Tours Tips: So check my top tip above again, please!

Does an empty stretch of sand, washed by the waves, and surrounded by lush coconut forest sound like a perfect place to visit on your Dominican vacation? Then open a map and pick one of the best secluded Dominican Republic beaches!

Cueva Fun Fun is approximately 20 million years old and the only way to explore it is by joining a tour. The tour is so well-organised that having your own transportation is meaningless. It is, in fact, one of the few organised Punta Cana excursions I can recommend.

First and Foremost

When you finally reach the exit of the cave, the horses will wait to take you back to the ranch. Bathe In The Prettiest Waterfalls In The Tropics Having your own transportation can be of great benefit when trying to beat the crowds at popular waterfalls.

Chances of getting a photo without a single person in sight are practically non-existent. You can then jump, slide, and walk undisturbed through as many of the 27 waterfalls as you dare! You can best visit Cascada El Limon on a multi-day trip from Punta Cana or Puerto Plata or on a day trip if you choose to stay on the Samana Peninsula for your vacation.

The Damajagua Cascades are easily reachable on a day trip from Puerto Plata.

Dominican Republic International Travel Information

Very few tourists dare to climb it. I bet my cute Bulgarian tushie your pants will drop when you experience the breath-taking view.

The swing with the best view: Optimise your travels — connect better with the people you meet! Do you know what the best way to immediately enhance your travel experience is?Every year I like to do a big trip away over summer, often to a place that I’ve never visited before.

If you follow me on Instagram (or if you simply read the title of this post), you’ll know my trip this year was to the Dominican Republic. Find The Best Time To Travel To Dominican Republic.

The best time to go to the Dominican Republic is from December to April. On the other hand, the worst time to go to Dominican Republic would be, as stated above, during the hurricane season. The heaviest rains fall from August to November but July can be very wet as well.

Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s fascinating capital. Explore colonial landmarks, shop for semiprecious stones, visit museums and watch passionate baseball games.

Stroll along the waterfront in Malecón, home to cafés, live music bars and traditional “merengue” clubs.

Attractions And Tours Tips: Where To Go For An Unforgettable Experience

I'm back from Bonao Dominican Republic!! The trip could not have been more amazing!! I made so many life long friends and finished a CAP project (community action project) which was building an indoor playground and ways for children to learn English.

Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s fascinating capital. Explore colonial landmarks, shop for semiprecious stones, visit museums and watch passionate baseball games. Explore colonial landmarks, shop for semiprecious stones, visit museums and watch passionate baseball games. jailyneojeda Snapchats of my trip to Dominican Republic #PuntaCana Add me on snapchat 👻: JailyneOjeda24 Stopped by at Santo Domingo to visit @drsamirbarbour to get a better smile ️🙌🏻.

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