Laminar air flow to control operating room infection

What is Laminar Air Flow? In fluid dynamics, laminar flow or streamline flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers. At low velocities, the fluid tends to flow without lateral mixing, and adjacent layers slide past one another like playing cards.

Laminar air flow to control operating room infection

Laminar air flow to control operating room infection

These are amongst the most technically advanced lights available and work on the philosophy of delivering the maximum level of lux at the coolest temperature possible. Although LED-based operating lights have been around for some time, marLED is unique because it uses latest generation LEDs which are smaller, more compact, provide greater light efficiency and use less power.

Its trail-blazing design harmoniously combines ergonomics and technology bringing an optimal working atmosphere to any state-of-the-art operating room. The two are matched in form to make a perfect whole. This makes it possible to position the lights side by side in a way that utilises the available space optimally which in turn creates room for movement — free space that can be used for other equipment.

The main light and the satellite light can be easily positioned with the sterile SensoGrip handle — located on the light head - or operated directly via the SensoTouch panel.

This intuitive touchscreen panel, fitted to the cardan joint of the light suspension, gives you easy control of all the functions available. This means that marLED effectively eliminates the casting of colour shadows and contour shadows. VariLUX Function- enables light field adjustment to the surgical field giving a choice between circular and oval illumination.

The colour temperature is adjustable, allowing the clinician to work with daylight, warm-white or cold-white artificial light, In a nutshell, marLED provides the ideal light to let you keep a cool head in any situation.

At its simplest, the marLED lights are dimmable to such an extent in the light output range of five percent that they can be used for background illumination. Other key features include: Space-saving Design— creates free space which can be used for other equipment such as suspension arms for integration of other systems, such as, audio visual systems.

Laminar Flow Compatibility— marLED lights can be perfectly integrated into laminar flow systems thanks to their elegantly segmented housing with aerodynamic lines, smooth finish and small air contact surfaces.

These ideal features mean that the marLED Operating Lights perform effectively under air supply ceilings with low turbulence displacement flow. Use with Surgicam Camera System— marLED can be easily used in conjunction with surgiCam if clinicians wish to document surgical procedures for training purposes, make use of live transmissions or consult with external surgeons during operations.

The camera system is available in different versions and can be operated with SensoTouch, marTouch integrated OR systems. Digital image data is recorded in server based databases.

Controlling the light can be done in a variety of ways all designed to improve ergonomics: Double-Tapping the Sterile Handle— to adjust the light field and boost mode Flush-integrated Membrane Keypad- has the following functions to control the light: An optional docking station can be included, with table or wall fixation.

Eco-friendly Since the marLED E-Series incorporates no wearing parts, maintenance and servicing costs are completely eliminated. Efficient use of resource and a long product life helps minimise the environmental load and protecting natural resources for future generations.

Hygiene and Infection Prevention The marLED E-Series has been designed to satisfy the highest hygiene standards that help promote infection prevention. Closed housing with smooth contours, rounded edges and inovative joining technology provide easy and efficient cleaning as well as outstanding laminar flow performance Illuminants adapted to medical applications without any visible screw connections ensure optimum disinfectant wiping Rimless front glasses with integrated gaskets sealing prevents capillary action when using cleaning agents Flush-integrated membrane keypad with light adjustment controls is easy to clean Mobile, powerful, self-contained Thanks to the low power consumption due to the GoGreen philosophy, all marLED E-Series Operating Lights are also available in a battery version for off-the-grid operation.

Following a charging period of up to 2 hours, these versions provide light for up to 8 hours with a maximum output oflux. The batteries marLED E Battery are directly integrated in the light head making the operating light mobile — ideal for use in the wilderness, in humanitarian efforts, in developing regions or in crisis areas.

Battery Backup for Operating Lights Under general power failure scenarios, the continuity of light in the surgical field is the most important factor for patient safety.

Under current HTM standards, a separate 3-hour autonomy system is required for each and every operating room.Laminar airflow and the prevention of surgical site infection. More harm than good?

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LAF creates a homogenous flow of air in the operating room with very little turbulence. However, LAF is expensive to install and maintain, J.P. BurkeInfection control – a problem for patient safety. Creating TB Isolation Rooms By David R. Linamen, PE, CIPE.

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Tuberculosis (TB) is the single most deadly disease known to man. Approximately billion people are infected with the disease worldwide, representing nearly one third of the world's population.

Joint Commission InternationalAccreditation Standards for Hospitals Including Standards for Academic Medical Center Hospitals. V-Series Operating Lights. The marLED V-Series are a premium range of operating lights designed and manufactured to a high quality to give the clinician the versatility to control .

The Effect of Laminar Air Flow and Door Openings on Operating Room Contamination. Lidwell et al did report a direct association between the number of airborne bacteria and deep infection rates.

Our control consisted of a room with no staff and no door openings. In the control room, CFU counts from plates inside and outside the LAF were.

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Laminar air flow to control operating room infection

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