House of worhsip essay

My city for me is a place where I have spent most of my childhood. It is a place I love and want to be in all my life. It is a place where I belong.

House of worhsip essay

Where Do Buddhist Go to Worship? Buddhism, one of the world's major religions, was founded by Siddhartha Gautama also known as the historical Buddha in the sixth century B.


Unlike other major world religions, Buddhists are non-theistic and do not worship a godhead. Rather, worship is defined by practices that will lead to nirvana, or a permanent state of enlightenment. Today many different Buddhist denominations exist, with different forms of worship adapted by each denomination.

Home For lay people, daily worship usually takes places at home. A small home shrine might include incense, candles and a representation image or statue of the Buddha. Home worship might also include the "puja" or the offering of flowers and the recitation of Buddhist chants such as the "Three Refuges.

Although no single unified representation of the Buddha exists, common features include elongated earlobes and hands positioned in a mudra or a symbolic gesture. The Buddha statue is not worshiped, but rather, acts a reminder of the Buddha reaching nirvana.

Temples Famous Buddhist temples can be important pilgrimage destinations. Traditionally, Buddhist temples have been designed to represent five elements: Their architectural features vary from culture to culture. For example, while Chinese and Japanese temples are one-story buildings with atria or pagodas, Thai Buddhist temples tend to be wats, a classic form in Thai architecture.

Although the laity may traditionally worship at home, worship during annual festivals such as the Rain Retreat for Theravada Buddhists or Buddha Day in Mahayana Buddhism or special monthly worship regulated by the patterns of the moon can take place in temples.

Monks' daily worship might include the chanting of mantras, the reading of holy texts such as sutras, prayers and meditation. Stupas Stupas, spherical Buddhist commemorative monuments, are freestanding and believed to house sacred relics related to the Buddha or other Buddhist figures.

The structures have a circular base that supports an expansive dome; worshipers circle the structure in clockwise direction. The oldest and perhaps the most famous is the Great Stupa of Sanchi, in Bhopal, which contains the remains of Shariputra, a student of the Buddha, and is famous for lush carvings.

Other important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha; the Maha Bodhi Temple, India, where the Buddha is thought to have reached Enlightenment; the Dhamekha Stupa in Sarnath, India, which commemorates where the Buddha disseminated his first teachings; and the Mahaparinirvana Temple in Kusinara, India, commemorating the place where the Buddha passed away.

Meditation The practice of looking within or meditation is arguably the most important "place" of worship for Buddhists. The details of meditation -- the practice of mental concentration in order to eventually reach Enlightenment -- may differ from person to person and branch to branch.

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Yet meditation's main goals are consistent: Within some sects, such as the Zen Buddhist branch, meditation is the most essential feature of Buddhism.Get instant access to this essay paper and 15, term papers, essays, and book reports for only $!

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Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship Contest Student Registration Form Entries must be postmarked by March 9, and in response to this year’s topic about public school calendars and religious holidays. For example, a small house fire may present minimal risk for both a community and a hospital if they have the resources to adequately respond to the needs of the individuals involved.

House of worhsip essay

Mosque as A Place of Worship Essay - Mosque as A Place of Worship Introduction Mosque described as a place which servers both as a house of worship and as a symbol of Islam. In Islam a masjid is a house . Houses of worship provide a unique venue for such conversations.

Working with a group of interfaith leaders, we have developed this page downloadable discussion guide that can help you guide a group of people in a faith-based setting in a moderated conversation about belief and values.

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House of worhsip essay
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