Flipkart case study 2 essay

Also, regular job was not as challenging. The excitement and satisfaction that comes with building something of a long lasting value is addictive enough for them to continue this.

Flipkart case study 2 essay


Hire Writer The next change that Bravo made was to update the product line. Bravo and her team drastically cut the number of products fromto 24, eliminating outdated designs and creating a consistent look across all of their products.

They began to classify their products into two separate categories: The fashion-oriented products were designed to react to the newest fashion trends and typically only had a seasonal life cycle.

These changes significantly reduced the risk of the Burberry transformation.

Flipkart Case Study Essay Example for Free

Burberry had three primary collections: The womenswear line expanded from its traditional focus on winter and autumn season to include apparel for the spring and summers seasons as well, appealing to a broader range of customers.

The accessories collection was not as fashion oriented and also did not have to accommodate different size variations, so therefore it generated less risk than the apparel collections. The establishment of flagship stores has also helped to minimize risk by acting as a testing ground for new concepts and designs before they are distributed to a wider market.

Flipkart case study 2 essay

Expanding into this market does come with added risk, given the volatility of the high-end fashion market. Burberry was able to portray itself as a heritage brand while at the same time associating itself with a trendier, more modern look.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Introduction. Clothes R Us opened its doors and began operations more than a decade ago. When the company first opened, the founders and CEOs were on the floor trying to sell to customers their various clothes and designs.

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Flipkart case study 2 essay

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