An investigation into the effects of

Confucius' student Zengzi wrote the introduction and exposition of the Great Learning. Zengzi lived from BC. Confucius taught pupils, 72 of whom mastered the six arts. It is still unclear how much his students wrote and edited.

An investigation into the effects of

Samoan health authorities have launched an investigation into the deaths — until this is complete, it is too early to determine their underlying cause. The Ministry is working with health authorities in Samoa and other Pacific countries to provide assistance to the investigation, and support the delivery of safe and effective vaccination programmes throughout the Pacific.

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The Ministry would like to reassure parents of the safety and effectiveness of immunisation. The MMR measles, mumps and rubella vaccine has an excellent safety profile and has been used without any significant problem for several decades.

Hundreds of thousands of children have had the vaccine in the Pacific without issue, and millions more in New Zealand and worldwide. Deaths following MMR vaccination are exceptionally rare, and similar events overseas have been a result of administration errors rather than a problem with the vaccine itself.

It is distributed through a quality distribution system that keeps it in a cold chain from factory to the patient. Mild side effects such as fever and rash are reported with this vaccine from time to time. There are no reports of death following use of the Priorix vaccine.

In other Pacific Island nations, different brands of vaccine are used. These vaccines have been used in the Pacific for many years without any evidence of harm or serious adverse effects. They are also distributed in a number of South American countries and in the Caribbean island nations.

The World Health Organization has advised that there are no concerns about the safety of these vaccines in these other countries, and they continue to be used there. The batch of vaccine used in Samoa has been used for several months without any problems in Samoa and vaccines from the same batch continues to be used around the globe.

As a precautionary step Samoa has stopped its vaccination program using these multidose vials until their investigation is complete.

At present the safety concern is limited to these five-dose vials of vaccine.

An investigation into the effects of

Local health authorities have reviewed the vaccine and the vaccine programme, and have decided to continue vaccination with the single dose MMR vaccine product they currently use.

Other Pacific Island nations The MR vaccine used by Tonga and five other Pacific Island nations is not implicated by the unfortunate events in Samoa, and the Ministry of Health supports the continued use of this vaccine in those countries.

The investigation in Samoa Officials and experts from the World Health Organization and Australia are supporting Samoan Health authorities in their investigation of these tragic deaths. The investigation will cover a wide range of topics including testing the vaccine administered to these infants to determine what it contained, as well as testing other bottles of the vaccine currently in Samoa.

It will also explore the distribution path for the vaccine and seek assurance on its transport and storage as well as examine the vaccine program. It will also seek information from the family about what happened and whether there is a family history of health problems.

It is far too early in the investigation to determine the underlying cause of why these two infants died. New Zealand will work with health authorities in Samoa and across the Pacific Island nations to support them to ensure their vaccination programmes are as safe as possible.An investigation into the effects of applying a lumbar Maitland mobilisation at different frequencies on sympathetic nervous system activity levels in the lower limb.

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An Investigation into the Effects of Osmosis on Potatoes Plan We are going to investigate the effects of osmosis on potato cylinders.

We understand that osmosis is the diffusion of water across.

An investigation into the effects of

Comfort, P, Dos'Santos, T, Thomas, C, McMahon, JJ, and Suchomel, TJ. An investigation into the effects of excluding the catch phase of the power clean on force-time characteristics during isometric and dynamic tasks: an intervention study.

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