Aims and objectives of public private and voluntary organisations

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Aims and objectives of public private and voluntary organisations

A private company, unlike a public one, does not offer stock or trade shares on the market.

Aims and objectives of public private and voluntary organisations

Partly because ownership is restricted, there are specific objectives that private companies seek to implement in running their businesses. Profit Maximization If there is one area where public and private companies overlap, it is in their desire to maximize profits for their shareholders.

Often these owners also have a direct impact on the day-to-day management of the company, so the desire to increase profits is even more of a concern than in many public companies, where the goals of the management and stockholders may differ. Transparency in Reporting Another objective for private companies is transparency in financial reporting and annual reports, but the transparency is typically restricted to the key stakeholders in the organization and may not extend to the public at large.

Whereas public companies have a responsibility to reveal financial data and performance metrics to the stock exchange and to their many shareholders, private companies are not required by law to publish their financial statements.

This means that transparency in reporting is limited to those in "the know" who have a direct say over how the organization does business. While transparency is important in making accurate business decisions in private companies, this transparency should not be confused with an open-door policy common in publicly traded companies.

Choosing the Correct Organizational Structure Private companies are also keenly interested in securing the right kind of organizational structure for their particular business interests.

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Private companies can be organized as corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Each of these organizational structures has different benefits for the company and for the individual stakeholders.

Choosing the correct organizational structure is therefore a key objective of private companies because of their interest in limiting individual liability and maximizing profits for the core group of owners.

Private companies consider this an advantage to edging out competition and keeping trade secrets safe.Strengthening leadership in the public sector 6 10 Within that context public organisations should pursue more active recruitment to attract more of the best and brightest leaders for the public services - both for graduate entrants and at higher points in career.

City Mayors accepts nominations for the World Mayor Prize Association des Maires de France (Association of French mayors) 41, quai d'Orsay Paris Cedex 07 France Tel: +33 1 44 18 14 Oct 10,  · Best Answer: The voluntary sector aims to provide vital services to parts of the community who have needs that are not fulfilled by government or for-profit organisations.

Organisations in the public sector aim to increase the value of its shares and returns to shareholders. The aims of organisations in the private sector are many and varied, but broadly they aim to Status: Resolved. Major differences between public and private sector organisations have been specified and addressed by a range of management scholars.

According to Wirick () the main difference between public and private sector organisations relates to forms of ownership. Specifically, public sector.

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Public sector organisations that monitor or control private sector activities have objectives that are to ensure that the business they are monitoring comply with the laws laid down. Health care and education establishments – their objectives are to provide a service – most private schools for instance have charitable status.

2 Legal requirements Since April all schools have been required by law to publish equality objectives, or – as the term might be, equality directions of travel.

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